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Happiness, Well-being and The Future of Performance

If you would like to attend please RSVP through this link or email us at

Happiness and well-being at work are becoming some of the most talked about issues in 2021! So, why is it gaining so much attention lately? Because, organizations that build cultures that promote well-being are more competitive, and better performing, period!

Employee well-being and happiness are the keys to building competitive, long lasting and productive businesses.

In our increasingly changing world, people are becoming the new 'X' factor when it comes to improving the effectiveness, productivity, and profitability of companies.

You will learn:

--> What are the key components of a happy work place

-- > How psychological capital and safety are developed

-- > How businesses can use training, learning and development, and technology to improve organizational wellness

Join us for an engaging, insightful and fun workshop on understanding the future of workplace performance. Attendees will walk away with information and exercises they can use immediately to help improve their own well-being, happiness and productivity.

This is ideal for HR managers, learning and development officers, HRBPs, or human resources professionals looking to improve business culture and staff performance.

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