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What is Happiness for You?

Updated: May 12, 2021

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People who are happier, perform better! Organizations that build cultures with high emotional intelligence, trust, and individual well-being are more resilient, and better performing, period. As leaders, it's essential to first invest in your own happiness and health to set an example and build a culture that supports and maintains the growth and development of it's employees, while ensuring their peace of mind. Your ROI, will transcend the life of the business!

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About the speaker:

Brad Reed is an Executive Coach who specializes in performance, emotional well-being, and leadership development. His unique approach to training and coaching uses both global best practices for business development along with modern, cutting edge approaches to increase employee engagement, results, and productivity. He seemlessly unites the two to form the core of what he does which is building emotional resilience, healthy mindsets, happiness, productivity and better, more purpose driven businesses. He is passionate about personal empowerment and a has genuine and burning desire to improve people's lives, in every aspect.

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