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StartUp & Wine:
Things you can learn from StartUp Founders and Hustlers

Planning on running a business? Or already a fantastic StartUp Founder?

If you ever wondered what are the top 3 things you can learn from startup founders and hustlers, this is the show for you.

Every Thursday, we will have a series of discussions with startup founders and hustlers over wine or water, if you prefer that.

They will be sharing their top learnings in their journey as entrepreneurs and executives.

This is a Party event. So join ready with your glass of whatever and learn, share and learn.

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With digital events as one of the top strategies for marketers, how do we create concepts that not only inform and engage our audience but also positively impact society?

On our final Episode for Season 1 of StartUp & Wine, we will uncover the story and the creative brilliance behind Social ChangeMakers.

Join us live this Thursday at 9pm in The Philippines, 8pm in Vietnam with Ms. Rosi Happi of The Happievent.



Lockdown is real here in Saigon and in Manila. So we invited our friend Mr. @Lam Tran of Wisepass and Mr. Paul, our CEO to have a relaxed discussion over wine or water if you prefer that. They will be sharing their top learnings in their journey as startup founders.

This is a Party event. So join ready with your glass of whatever and learn, share and learn.


Our next episode of StartUp and Wine will feature one of the first key executives of Shopee in Vietnam before she started her StartUp Journey with Ohana and now, with as co-founder and chief growth officer.
Save your wine, I mean the date. And join us as we learn from another entrepreneur. Cheers! See you Thursday, and don't forget to click GET REMINDER.

For More contents like this, you can visit website and social media platforms.


Our next episode of StartUp and Wine will feature Ms. Ruby Nguyen of Vietcetera. I knew her for many years now and every startup she touches, turns into gold!

Join us this Thursday Sept 23rd for StartUp & Wine Episode 3. We will discuss SCALE, SCALE, SCALE. and lots of wine and coconut water depends on what's your type.

It's lockdown, relax and lear. Or should i say, RELAX and SCALE!


Successfully building a strong core team is one of the top priorities for every startup founder.

But you're a startup. and the best talents in the market thinks you're disorganized, you have a stressful environment and lots of uncertainties.

So how can you build your CORE TEAM and have the best talents in the market in your startup?

Join this Sept. 30th, 8PM Vietnam, 9PM The Philippines with our founder, Mr. @Paul Espinas & @Workbean Founder Ms. Kass Monzon.


TRAINING FOR STARTUPS is our next episode topic with none other than, Ms. Bonnie Factor. She is one of the most sought-after trainers and coaches in the Philippines by L&D departments of companies and organizations.

She is the top 12 Most Influential Filipino Woman in LinkedIn and a Global Keynote Speaker.

Let's continue knowing more founders and hustlers in the startup. Cheers! We are on our episode 5! Help us share and recommend to other startup founders and hustlers.


Brian's background is in performance marketing & digital infrastructure from client side, agency side, and AdTech side. He became a serial entrepreneur after acquiring 5 years experience across a variety of digital marketing roles across different markets. Soby, a social commerce management application, is his 6th business and it started last year in


September 2020 & according to Brian: "to work on a project of this magnitude has been a massive learning curve and challenge".

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We saw major changes on how business are run across the globe. And the food and beverage industry is one of the most heavily affected by these changes. Despite all these, we saw F&B entrepreneurs innovate and create new ways on servicing clients in the digital ecosystem.

calling all F&B, hospitality and start-up founders and hustlers out there. Grab a bottle and join the conversation.


Episode 8 is about organizing digital events with our guest is Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh from Mplify Vietnam.

SO how do we create successful digital / virtual events?

Well, you in for a treat coz we are going to hear tips and tricks straight from the founder of Mplify, an event platform making waves here in Vietnam.

Here's a quick quote from Mr. Thanh " I am a why learner, so I took my venture as an entrepreneur to find my purpose and values in life, and how can I contribute the most to the communities and people around me."

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In this episode, we will explore the story of a founder who is passionate about COFFEE and turned that passion into a business that allowed him to export coffee from Vietnam to different parts of the world. We will talk about beans, logistics, marketing, and his learnings as a startup hustler.

"My life revolves in basically these five : my faith, family, my education, my hobbies and coffee. These are also the building blocks of the communities where I belong to. It is my pride that I can say that I am part of the elite as a coffee enthusiast." -Arnold

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"Pivot," is a common term in the StartUp scene. This Thursday, we will explore the story of a founder who successfully ran an F&B business and eventually, decided to move to FASHION industry.

"I was born and raised in Nha Trang, one of the most beautiful beach cities in Vietnam. I’ve been living in Saigon for 17 years. I’m a beach lover, also a founder and designer of a small women’s clothing brand called Sinhtolina. I love creativity and serving people with all my heart."

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Calling all coffee lovers! Wanna know more about your favorite coffee beans? Join us in another episode of StartUp & Wine with the CEO of CaPheSach. org

Here's a quick excerpt from Mr. Jackie Vuong: "I am a proud father, happy husband and coffee enthusiast. I have coffee diploma certified by Specialty Coffee Association, and enjoy sharing coffee passion to everyone. I love to spend time with young people and empower them to do great things in their lives. "

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Heard of NFTs? We are so lucky coz episode 12 of StartUp & Wine will feature a founder / solopreneur who ,very recently, successfully launched an NFT project. Let's learn from Luke Emery's startup journey. And because it's an open forum, you might also wanna ask what Non-fungible-tokens are, how to set them up and successfully launch.

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We are going upclose and personal with another founder. We highly recommend this episode to people who are looking into opening a new business or startup. This is also perfect for founders and hustlers who wants to add PURPOSE in your business strategy and focus in 2022.

join us in another episode of StartUp & wine with Mr. Michael Harder, the Founder and Managing Director of Harvest Baking


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