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Productivity Tips for work-from-home Parents

Productivity Tips for work-from-home Parents

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Google, Facebook, Apple all use the OKR system over the KPI system and it is a very effective system for people working remotely. But did you know that OKRs can also be applied to parenting?


In this course entrepreneur and work-from-home dad Alan Nguyen will teach you how you can maximize your productivity as a work-from-home parent using skills and systems that he has developed throughout his career.


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Productivity Tips for work-from-home Parents
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Productivity Tips for Work-from-home Parents

In this Mastercourse, you will:

  • Learn how to use objectives and key results (OKRs) for parenting your child.

  • Learn how to reduce the time spent in meetings with more efficient communication.

  • Learn how to leverage GOOD stress to your advantage.

  • Learn how to prioritize tasks effectively looking after your child.

  • Learn how to manage your time into BLOCKS using the Pomodoro method


Meet your trainer

About Alan Nguyen

Alan Nguyen is a tech startup entrepreneur, business consultant, and TV series producer.


He has founded and been in the leadership position of top digital publishers and also e-commerce platforms in Vietnam. He has managed tech teams remotely from across the globe to launch different digital products and services.


Alan has also been a business consultant for venture capital firms from across the globe (Vietnam, United States, Germany, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong). He has negotiated and led 9 mergers and acquisition deals. He has also mentored growth accelerator programs to help fast-growing startups get to the next level.


As a TV showrunner and executive producer, he has created 4 original IP concept TV series for broadcast. Alan was also the head executive producer of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games broadcast in Vietnam.

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Alan has a very diverse range and deep experience in working and managing teams from remote locations. From software development team to TV/Film production crews to outside marketing agencies to deals/accounting/legal/financial analysts teams spread across the globe; he has seen similar patterns emerge on how to work from home and with cross-culture teams.


Alan is also a full time single solo dad to a toddler daughter. In this course, he will share what are the methods he uses to be highly productive when working from home with family and other distractions.


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