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What 2020 taught us.

A message from our founder, Mr. Paul Espinas. Do you know what a CorJama is? Happy New year! Happy reading!

The most daring decisions lead to the most challenging experiences, but also opens up to the most rewarding doors of opportunities and growth. A little over 2 years ago, companies ask us “why do we need an app for remote work and training?” We spent probably 40% of the presentation justifying that data and trends show that it is needed. 2020, although it is one of toughest years for many of us, has expedited the inevitable change in the way we do and experience work. It has, for many, cemented the importance of family, true friendships and partnerships. It has given us a new meaning of connectedness whilst amplifying the importance of a warm hug and cheers shared. It has opened new fashion sense to many business folks. CorJama as we call it -Corporate Pajamas. It has made us closer to our pets, our house plants and our vacuums at home. And lastly, we believe that the narrow corners of our houses and apartments broaden our perspective and made us more empathetic to one another. Because we’ve all been through 2020. Because we’ve survived 2020. Because we will thrive here on forward. Because we will MOVEUP, because WE CAN.

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