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From ME to WE with OKRs

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How Do You Implement OKRs?

In this course, Ms. Vidya Santhanam - CEO of Fitbots, will be sharing tips and methods for how to implement OKRs. You will learn how to do OKRs right in order to drive focus, alignment, and accountability throughout your organisation.

OKRs are critical thinking frameworks that move the organisation from managing by facts to managing by feelings to managing by facts. In other words, moving from managing by intuition to managing with data.

Fitbots is based in Singapore and India, and a total OKR partner with their OKR SaaS platform, certifications and Coaching for organizations who are getting onboard into OKRs. Vidya is a certified OKR coach and leadership coach. Having coached over 250 teams on OKRs, Vidya brings this experience in building Fitbots, along with her co-founder & CTO Kashi.

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