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We are giving away 100 FREE Masterclasses on our CEO's Bday!

Did you know why we created

Our VISION: "To make continuous learning ACCESSIBLE, fun, and effective... " Our team came together to create MoveUp partly because of our CEO's story. Mr. Paul grew up on a remote island in the Philippines. Growing up, he saw first-hand students and teachers crossing rice paddies and rivers to get to school. "I am very lucky that I was given scholarships to get to the best University in the country. And I made it my life's purpose to give back and empower people through access to education and training," Paul said as he tells us his story. Today, we celebrate his birthday, although he refused to publish his age! Staying true to our commitment to make learning accessible, we are giving away 100 FREE masterclasses. Here are the steps on how to get the masterclass: 1. Make sure you have downloaded MoveUp on your mobile device. If you haven't yet, you can download it here. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

2. Register on this link and please provide the email address that you used on MoveUp. This is important because we will be giving that email address access to the masterclass. 3. We will be choosing 100 winners from those who registered.

4. Registrations from Feb. 6th - Feb. 10th are valid.

5. Let us know if you'd like to know how you can Onboard new hires and Train your teams online. Good luck! Keep learning and our sincerest thanks for being a part of our journey in helping people and companies MOVE UP!

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