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Performance and Productivity

Performance and Productivity

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29 min

Ask yourself:

-What if you had the time available to do the things you love and work hard to make your dreams come true?  

-What if you could accomplish your goals, learn more, travel more, love more and ultimately give yourself the FREEDOM you deserve?

-A life with options, purpose, and meaning. What is that life for you?

-What will you accomplish? Who will you meet? What will you do? How will you feel? How would you be remembered?

What if you could learn how to get the MOST out of every minute?


In this Mastercourse by Mr Brad Reed, discover the WHY and HOW of using your time in a way that’s efficient and productive. Remember, your life is just a series of moments, how we use each one is who we become and the legacy we leave behind.


Let's get started!

Performance and Productivity
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Performance and Productivity

In this Mastercourse, you will:

  • Learn the importance of goals and what a great goal feels like.

  • Learn the importance of visualizing your goals as daily habits.

  • Learn to relax the mind and prime yourself before you begin working.

  • Learn the ingredients required stop procrastinating and get things done.

  • Learn about the value of setting deadlines when it comes to productivity 


Meet your trainer

About Brad Reed

Brad's goal is to help empower those he coaches and trains to become the BEST version of themselves! Alignment is so crucial in all forms of success so he coaches people to help them fulfill their highest potential.

This includes deep personal growth, professional development, accountability, and challenges. He wants clients to have the ability to discover their true value and live in a way that serves the world so they can help empower others.

He has been fortunate enough to coach and train at some very reputable companies in South East Asia and he has met and been mentored by some of the most interesting and high performing people in the region.

It took him on a journey of discovery, growth, humility, and insight to finally reach a point where he was fully healed and able to help others! He has a new purpose in life, he became 'Repurposed'.



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