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How to Get Hired... FAST!

Finding a job is hard. Knowing what job, you want is hard. Knowing how to get the job you love is the hardest!

Let’s help make it easier for you.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to write a GREAT CV the sells you! 

  • Know HOW to answer difficult interview questions.

  • Have a STRATEGY for interview preparation.

  • Start to build confident mindsets for interviews.

  • Learn ESSENTIAL skills for building a great career 

  • Plus a FREE GIFT for attending

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Do you have problems answering the following questions: 

What do I put on a CV when I have no experience?


How do I build my confidence to perform better in an interview?


What are the mistakes on my CV?


Am I saying the right things to impress recruiters?

How do I answer specific interview questions? 

What am I getting wrong in the interview?


What do I need to include on my CV?


What should I do to prepare for an interview properly?



 CV and Interview Skills Which Get You The Job

Interview preparation. Things you MUST know before an interview.

Building Interview CONFIDENCE and reducing fear and anxiety.

Avoiding the BIGGEST interview mistakes.

Learn how to ANSWER Interview questions.

Learn the most common CV MISTAKES that reduce your opportunities.  

CV tricks that GET you the interview.

How to write a resume that sells.

Learn SPECIFIC ways to answer the following interview questions: 


“What is your greatest weakness?”

“Tell Us About Yourself?”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

“Have you ever had to handle a difficult colleague/customer/manager?”

“Why should we hire you?”

and MORE ...


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Mr. Brad Reed

Founder, Executive Coach, Trainer

Repurpose You

Brad is an executive performance, wellness and career coach. Together with his brother Dan, they co-founded Top Prospect Careers with the aim of making the complexities of finding a great job easier! They have worked with senior level executives and other professionals from all over the world to greatly improve their career and help them GET HIRED! He has ran workshops and webinars all around the world, including Vietnam and is ready to give YOU the best career tips and skills you need to get hired FAST.


Mastering a Winning Resume: The Ultimate Guide to Beat the ATS, Impress the Recruiter, and Land the Interview Fast!




Leave with worksheets, checklists, and preparation sheets to help YOU get the career you love!

Attend for a chance to HAVE your CV reviewed LIVE! 

Also, for Coach Brad to give you SPECIFIC feedback LIVE!

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