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Critical Thinking to Awareness

Critical Thinking to Awareness

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65 minutes

We are hard-wired by our prior knowledge and experiences. The way in which we perceive the world is based through the lens in which we process it.


We will also do this with learned behaviors - often from the time we were young through our developing years.

It is when we look at these learned behaviors through a critical lens, and allow ourselves to challenge our mindset and assumptions that we gain clarity. Gaining clarity allows us to make a choice.


In this course, Executive Coach Megan Keach will teach you how to build critical awareness and level up your ability to create change in your life.


Let's get started!

Building Critical Awareness
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Critical Thinking to Awareness

In this Mastercourse, you will learn how to:

  • Build critical awareness

  • Empower yourself to challenge inner Discourse

  • Challenge your Assumptions

  • Leverage the power of inquiry.

  • Live your life with intention


Meet your trainer

About Ms. Megan Keach

Megan is an Executive Growth Coach working to allow others to see what motivates them through helping people gain clarity through intentional growth.


Her expertise includes critical thinking, leadership and communication skills, interpersonal and soft skill training and the development and implementation of research, education and life long learning. She enjoys creating forward thinking content and challenging the status quo.


Her colleagues would describe her as a friendly, resourceful individual who gets energy from solving problems, and loves to learn from others. Currently, She is the founder at More Than a Desk, with an ever growing team. As well as a researcher and lecturer in Leadership and Communication and Critical Thinking, at The University of Economics and Finance Ho Chi Minh City in Partnership with University of Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.



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