Thrive! Beyond Resilience

Resilience is about toughing through hardship and rebounding to the previous level of performance. Resilience is a critical skill in a fast changing and uncertain world. We all definitely have use for more resilience in our lives and work. However, what we really want is not just to be resilient but really to thrive.


Thrive! Beyond Resilience is a programme that helps individuals and teams to build up their Resilience to Thrive.

Key takeaways

  • What is Thriving and Resilience

  • The stages from Resilience to Thriving

  • Why are Resilience and Thriving important

  • How to build Resilience and Thrive

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Dr. Lum Phui Yuen 

Director and Owner 

ThinkingSphere Pte Ltd

Lum is passionate about helping individuals and teams to learn and to co-create new possibilities. It gives him great satisfaction to know that his help plays a part in their growth and success. He believes that everyone is capable of learning and growing beyond the current state. He sees his role is to create and hold the space for them to explore, discover and internalise learning. His motto is: Be True. Be Real. Be Bold.


Lum founded ThinkingSphere in 2001, a training-consulting company that helps its clients to develop creative leaders and teams. Since entering the training profession in 1994, he has trained and consulted in Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA. He has received feedback that he is empathetic, insightful and creative. He facilitates in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Lum has coached professionals from MD- to mid-level managers. His coaching leans toward the Strength based and Positive approach. His intent is to have the coachee to take charge of the way forward because he believes that the coachee is autonomous and creative. Lum uses psychometric tools, when necessary, to help the coachees to increase her/his self-awareness, other-awareness, and impact-awareness.

Education & qualifications

Doctor of Business Administration - University of Australia 

Master of Science (Training) - University of Leicester 

Bachelor of Arts - National University of Singapore