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Project Management for HR

In this live broadcast Mr. Marvin Zoilo of ASEAN HR Leader Circle Philippines will share some tips and best practices on managing HR projects, processes and systems. RSVP to join.

HR projects can be greatly improve by understanding the adaptive project life cycle principles. The intent of this program is introduce change-driven methods which can facilitate a whole new level of cadence in coming up with proposals and implementation tools in HR that requires a high degree of ongoing stakeholder involvement using relative data and customized flow of work systems unique to HR, OD, and strategic projects. This event is part of our SEASON 2 of HR, What's Next Series. After a successful Season 1 run with over 50,000 views in the region, we are very excited to launch a limited series for our HR Peers and friends. We are actively looking for sponsors, partners and speakers for our events.

This event is brought to you by HR TECH ASIA, UpRush, MoveUp, FlowTrack, Praxis, ASEAN HR leader Circle, M&M Productions, UpUp App, and Fixer. Register Here to become a speaker or to sponsor the event.

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