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Dreamplex Branch Opening: Learning and Development Panel

To watch the full panel recording, kindly download MoveUp, available both on iOs and Android. Our web app will be launched this February, subscribe here for more updates. Here are some of our key take aways from the Learning and Development panel discussion in Dreamplex.

1. Business Leaders are still asking what’s the return on investment (ROI) from training initiatives.

2. Training is becoming more holistic, allowing employees to both go through training defined by the company and UpSkilling on their chosen skills and topics.

3. Learning is continuous. It can happen in any stage of working in a company. Some platforms like MoveUp can trigger learning proposals based on employees performance.

4. AI-powered learning journeys are also becoming more and more prevalent.

5. Managers should be trainers. Encouraging team members with managerial roles can help them retain their own learning and expertise on the subject.

6. Lastly, and most importantly, a learning culture in an organization is driven by the management. Leading by example and enabling that organic search for learning is a leader’s job.

Thank you Dreamplex for having MoveUp in the event. Subscribe now on our blogs for more contents and updates on Learning and Development for 2021.

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