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A guide on how to develop a competency framework of every talent in your organization.


In this course, Didier Joomun will teach you creating a better talent management system in your organization.


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Developing a competency Framework

In this Mastercourse, you will learn:

  • To connect employees' performance to business goals. 

  • To create well-defined roles and paths for your employees. 

  • Transparent performance assessments and skills gap analysis. 

  • Training plan aligned with business needs. 

  • HR Processes 


Meet your trainer

About Didier Joomun

Didier is a dynamic leader with more than 15 years in IT sector. Building his career in Mauritius before moving to Vietnam, Didier has a strong understanding on how to work effectively across cultures. In the course of his career, Didier wanted to bring innovative solutions in the design and implementation of effective HR solutions in the IT field especially on how to implement a successful Human Resources Digital Transformation roadmap.

As the Learning & Development Manager for the APAC region, Didier is responsible of improving employee’s performance through effective and high-quality learning solutions and leadership development. He works on building engaged employees, measure individual contributions and align employees’ roles with their talents. Didier works alongside managers to help them understand and implement best practices that will increase retention, productivity, employees’ development and happiness. With his technical background, Didier is bringing new insights and tech-savvy trends to blow the dust-off old HR methods and be aligned to this digital era and new generation.
Passionate about music, computer technologies and more :) 



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