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ASEAN Best Startup New Comer 2020. A tech startup that has shown the greatest development based on growth, innovation, and impact

Workplace Accelerator - 2020 Cohort.

Southeast Asia's premier accelerator exclusively focused on the Future of Work

SEA Booster Programme 2021.

BLOCK71 is a technology-focused ecosystem builder and global connector which catalyzes and aggregates the start-up community

 Startup-O, a leading startup platform for assessments, investments, and business scaling with a network spread access 15 countries.

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Why now?

According to Linkedin research, Employees now consider career development as the most important benefit when choosing to work and stay at a company


Of employees find career development the most important benefit


Of employees prefer self-directed and independent learning.


Of companies find soft skills development as a strategic investment

Access to key insights from 50+ experts in bite-sized format  

Create your learning HUB for a social learning experience.

Our solution


Enhance your new hire's experience and get them up to speed quickly.

We make it easy for new hires to feel welcomed, engaged, and confident with inspiring content and orientation module.


Upskill your team to succeed in the modern workplace.

Access to ready-made bite-sized content covering most essential topics and improve your team's performance.


Engage learners with a new way of learning, fast, fun, and efficient.

We make it more fun and engaging to learn with microlearning programs and gamification elements to keep learners motivated. 


Ready-to-learn courses

Access to 500+ courses from top industry experts and trainers, to succeed in the modern workplace. 

Dynamic quizzes

Fun and engaging quizzes to test your teams' progress and skills


Automated certifications to track employees' progress and achievements

Recognition and rewards

Get recognized and rewarded for your progress and achievements. We make learning fun and rewarding.

Our Events

  • Wed, Apr 14
    Developing a Virtual Interview Process
    Implementation of virtual interview environments
  • Tue, Apr 20
    70 Ngo Duc Ke,
    1. Định nghĩa về HRBP 2. Giá Trị của HRBP đem lại cho tổ chức 3. Các vai trò chính của HRBP
  • Wed, Apr 21
    Project Management for HR
    HR projects can be greatly improve by understanding the adaptive project life cycle principles. The intent of this program is introduce change-driven methods which can facilitate a whole new level of cadence in coming up with proposals and implementation tools in HR. RSVP Now.
  • Thu, Apr 29
    Taking Control of Candidate Drop Offs
    Companies spend $4,000 on average for each candidate that goes through the recruitment process. When candidates drop off the process, all those resources and funding go to waste; mitigating candidate attrition is therefore something hugely important to companies.
  • Time is TBD
    Quận 1
    Ai là những phỏng vấn viên trong hành trình tuyển dụng nhân tài? Ai là người chịu trách nhiệm chính cho kết quả tuyển dụng? Quản lý trực tiếp hay bộ phận tuyển dụng?

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